RF Village

RF Village

In an increasingly wireless world, it’s important to keep tabs on those wireless technologies that control everything around us. The RF village is a place to get exposed to some of what makes wireless work. Come by the RF Village to get a glimpse of the world of RF and how you can interact with it. Some of the demos will include analog technologies like basic radio transceivers, digital technologies like positioning, telemetry, personal communications, as well as general techniques for decoding or attacking wireless communications.

We will be holding free amateur radio license examinations at BSidesKC on Saturday, 24-Sep-2022. There will be two one hour sessions (limited to 20 persons each), one at 10am and one at 3pm. Pre-registration is required, and you must bring a government issued photo ID. You can study the material at http://hamstudy.org/.

To register for the 10am test session,  visit

To register for the 3pm test session, visit

BSidesKC admission is not required. To test without attending BSidesKC, proceed to the entrance and tell the BSidesKC volunteers that you are here for your amateur radio test. You will be escorted to the testing team and they will escort you out upon completion of your test.