Kids' STEM Village

Kids’ STEM Village

Ages 6-14 only. All children must be accompanied by an adult with a BSidesKC badge. Kids must be registered and have a ticket to enter.

The BSidesKC Kids’ STEM Village will be a dedicated space for kids to participate in activities and discussions. The Kids’ Village will be on Saturday, September 25th from approximately 10am-3pm. There are a limited number of tickets available. Please register your child using the standard conference registration form.

Kids Village Activities
Crime Scene Investigation- Illuminating a crime scene with UV light
Money counterfeiting Microscopy – Examining currency using a microscope
Meteorology – Examining thunder and lightning with simple electrostatic experiments
Investigation – Can an Investigator determine a suspect’s height if all he/she has is a footprint
Rube Goldberg engineering activity – complicated gadgets performing simple tasks
Returning favorites
Locksport – Introduction to ethical lockpicking for sport only
Badge soldering – Introduction to soldering
Technology Destruction – disassemble old electronics without getting “grounded”