Call for Volunteers

Volunteers help make BSidesKC great!

Volunteers are what makes these events possible. Please sign-up using the form below and we’ll be in contact as volunteers are selected.

We really appreciate everyone that reaches out and gives back to the community!

Below are some of the jobs that our crew members perform. Above all, we look for positive attitudes and a friendly, proactive demeanor. A willingness to assist wherever needed is a must. We want our attendees and exhibitors to walk away saying their experience at BSidesKC was a great one!

The majority of the positions we have available will require you to stand for significant periods of time. In many instances, you may be required to walk some distance. Some positions may require that you lift heavier objects, though typically not more than 25 lbs. BSidesKC is committed to assisting anyone with special needs or requirements find the best fit for them as a crew member.

The following descriptions provide you with some general definitions of the work available for new crew members. Positions that are not listed are either already staffed or are invite only.

ADA Services: (Saturday)
These crew members will provide a variety of support roles for attendees facing challenges with mobility, sight, and hearing.

After Hours Activities: (Saturday)
Every year, after hours activities are an important part of BSidesKC. These crew members help with after hours parties and events. Most of these events start in the evening well after the main exhibit hall closes.

Communications Center: (Saturday)

These crew members will distribute convention signage to the various parts of the venue during the load-in days and then will collect them and store them during load-out.

Communication dispatch: Assigned
Monitor all radio traffic and monitor communication center phones. Respond to all communications by contacting correct party needed, through the use of radios, cell phones, or physically. Document all calls of an emergency nature. Check out and check in radios on a daily basis. Maintain that all radios are fully charged on a daily basis.

Credential monitors:
A group of crew members stationed at vulnerable entry points to ensure that people entering are properly credentialed.

Digital and Media Team: (Saturday)

Photographers: assigned
Experienced photographers that will capture assigned convention activities and turn those images into the media team.

Videographers: assigned
Experienced videographers that will capture assigned convention activities and turn that footage into the media team.

Social Media Editors: assigned
From Twitter to Facebook to the Website, the social media editors select content to push out both before and during the event — day and night. If a panel/talk gets moved or a guest has to cancel, this team will be forefront in helping to get the word out.

Exhibition Floor: (Saturday)

Check-in assists with vendor check-in at the loading docks (north dock, south dock, west dock) across the convention hall before BSidesKC begins. Other duties include gathering information (surveys, vendor info, feedback, etc), assembling vendor packets, checking-in exhibitors and making sure they have their credentials and information.

Load-In is Thursday Night and on Friday/Saturday morning before the show starts. It consists of checking people in, helping vendors find their spots (including traffic control inside and outside of the hall and dock area), guiding them, and answering questions. You are not there to load-in vendor stock. You are there to provide information and direction. Load-out is usually 2-5 hours after the show closes on Saturday. You’ll help make sure the vendors are packed up and headed out. This includes traffic control and parking inside and outside of the hall and dock area. A group of crew members will assist with moving out

The ability to carry up to 25 lbs will be required.

Zone Leads:
Responsibilities include patrolling the exhibit hall, answering questions for Exhibitors and Patrons alike, providing information about the show, guests and facilities as needed. Keeping an eye out for hazards, including debris, spills, and crowd blockage as well as making sure we are looking out for our Patrons. Keep an eye out for anyone not wearing the proper credentials. If anyone is observed being a nuisance, a superior should be informed and brought into the process. It is not your responsibility to confront Patrons or Exhibitors.

Merchandise: (Saturday)

This is where merchandise such as swag bags and t-shirts are distributed.  You will assist with setting up, selling, and stocking merchandise as well as packing up and inventory at the close of the show on Saturday.

Crew Member Check-in:
Involves checking in crew members and dispatching them to their assigned locations. Assisting with deployment of on-call crew members as requested. Will also distribute t-shirts and meal tickets.

Registration/Will Call: (Saturday)

Will Call:
This is the front check-in area for those picking up credentials that have already been purchased ahead of time.

FOH Line Control:
You are there to greet attendees, assist with providing directions, and keep the lines orderly for different events such as photo ops, front line, etc. This involves some crowd control and a lot of standing. You may be assigned an indoor OR an outdoor position throughout the complex.

Wherever needed/On-call: (Saturday)
Available on site for your assigned shift to fill in wherever or whenever needs arise. Examples might be areas that are overloaded, crowd control, or if someone doesn’t work/show up for their shift. This is a crucial position.


BSidesKC Code of Conduct

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