Call for Papers


1/14/2024 – Open CFP & CFT
2/10/2024 – End 1st round, start 2nd round
2/15/2024 – Notify accepted 1st round speakers
3/6/2024 – End 2nd round, start 3rd round
3/11/2024 – Notify accepted 2nd round speakers
3/25/2024 – Close CFP
3/30/2024 – Notify accepted 3rd round speakers
4/20/2024 – BSidesKC 2024


BSidesKC aims to provide a diverse range of talks covering both conventional cybersecurity topics as well as emerging threats and technologies. Topics can range from completed or near-complete research, tool development, best practices, lessons learned and experiences. Generally speaking, if it deals with security, it is applicable. BSides conferences are designed to be conversations and should allow for interaction with the attendees, as lectures are nice from time to time, but new insights or ancillary work often comes from dialogue.

Why should you consider presenting?

Increase the overall strength of our community by sharing your knowledge, best practices and experiences with peers and emerging professionals
Have the opportunity to share your interests and network with other like-minded individuals
Develop collaborative relationships and crowd source new ideas and solutions
Immediate feedback from your audience
BSidesKC provides all attendees surveys for every talk. This helps our speakers get better!
About Presentations

Proposals will be considered for the following types of presentations:

15 minute (or less) lightning talk – For those new to presenting, have a partial research topic, or looking for feedback on a topic.
20 minutes – Maybe you have a well-formed topic, but it wouldn’t keep an audience engaged for 50 minutes? Or maybe you get dry mouth when talking > 21 minutes? 😉
50 minutes – For the seasoned presenter or maybe you just like to talk a lot.
Discussions panels – Have an idea for a discussion panel, we’re open to the idea.
BSidesKC typically consists of trainings/workshops, talks, and villages. The talks and villages are typically held on the second day. The content of the tracks will be determined by our open Call For Papers/Proposals.

Topics of Interest (Not limited to):

Threat Intelligence
Incident Handling & Incident Response
Digital Forensics
Network Infrastructure
Critical Infrastructure
Reverse Engineering
Tool Development
Secure Coding
Application Security
Database Security
New Technologies
Mobile Security
Cloud Security
Monitoring and Analysis